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At Drawiz Inc. we are recruiting mid-career candidates. Please refer to the following. * Application will be closed once the position has been filled.

1. Producer / Line Producer

Looking for someone who is enthusiastic and brings a fresh perspective to the entertainment industry or someone interested in the industry. No prior experience or knowledge in the field is necessary, but having excellent communication skill and a spirit of willingness is a must.

Job Description
: operating activities, budgetary management, negotiation with clients, coordinating with staff, overall management of projects
PC skills
: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc

* English / Japanese bilinguals are welcomed though not a requirement

2. CG Supervisor

We are looking for a team leader who can organize the CG production team, utilizing the experience and skills earned as a CG designer. Responsibilities include CG production and coordination as well as direction at the filming set. This position requires wide knowledge and comprehensive skills along with responsibility.

Job Description
: compiling CG workflow, CG production and coordination
PC skills
: Maya, 3adMax, Nuke, AfterEffects, etc.

3. CG Designer

Looking for someone who has endurance to face many projects and work hard as a team member. In order to obtain knowledge and skill required to work in the production team, you will first asked to learn overall CG production workflow. After some experience, you can advance as a specialist.

Job Description
: Overall workflow in CG production
PC skills
: Maya, 3dsMax, Nuke, AfterEffects, etc.

4. Animator

Looking for someone who wants to put new life into characters and is motivated to challenge the world. Those who are interested in animation from overseas and international cartoon animation are welcome. The position requires not only knowledge of software, but also the ability to express personalities of character and action in accordance with human motion and the law of physics.

Job Description
: animation work, motion capture adjustment and facial animation, 3D animation production, etc.
PC skills
: Maya, MotionBuilder, 3DMax, etc.

5. Compositor

We are looking for someone who is interested in creating new worlds, and eager to produce products that are admired by many, utilizing the prior experience and skills. A Compositor combines all the works that come from different functions and create the final product. It is a very important role which determines the quality of final product.

Job Description
: Composite filmed materials and CG materials. Composite works such as adding visual effect and matte paints
PC skills
: Nuke, AfterEffects, etc.
* Interested in photography or experience in photography are welcome.

6. Web Designer

Website development and maintenance work.
: Fulltime or contract (with trial period)
: Graduated professional college or university, interested in CG production
Salary and Benefits
: 180,000 ~ yen/month (experience and skills are taken into consideration), social insurance plan is provided,
 transportation cost is covered (with a limit)
: Two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Holiday, Summer Holiday, End of year/New Year, Paid-vacation
: Shiko Bldg. 9F, 2-21-9, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Work hours
: 10 am to 7 pm (with one hour lunchtime)

【How to apply】

Please send in demo reel or portfolio and resume to the address below. Please include your e-mail address on your resume. The documents and sample works submitted will not be returned.
 * We will keep the confidentiality.

■About Portfolio
 Any one applying to position 2~6 are required to submit their portfolio. Please include software used with any CG work reel/portfolio. Please specify your role in the projects in your reel/portfolio.
■Submit to
 Drawiz Inc. Human Resources 〒153-0042 Shiko Bldg. 5F, 2-21-9, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo E-mail:
■Hiring Process
 Document screening → First interview → Second Interview → Job Offer