Magic of Imagination to all

What is the strongest power that human beings possess?
Speaking ability? Handling tools?
I believe it’s imagination.

If you have a dreams…
Imagine the moment when your dream comes true.
Imagine what are you excited about, in which location, with whom?
As you imagine and picture it clearly,
You will eventually figure out the first step towards your dream.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.”

Words from the famous science fiction author, Jules Verne.
Don’t you think it’s dream inspiring?

We believe in the power of human imagination.
You can make it happen if you can envision it.
Keep your imagination running and keep having dreams, that is a truly magical power.
Everyone has this magic.
We want to share this magic with you.
That’s how we found “Wizanima”.

Wizanima stands for anima of the wizard.
Good name right?

Right at this moment, our magic is being delivered around the world and reaching people’s
lives. We should all use our imagination to make the world a better place.

Shinya Sasahara
Yoshiya Okoyama


Visual Effects

An award winning creative team offering high-end visual effects for TV commercials, music videos, TV series, and feature films. Our robust pipeline can handle projects and budgets of various sizes and allows us to achieve superior results under tight deadlines.


Our animation team is focused on providing high quality 2D/3D animation for feature films and TV series. One of our pieces“ Cat Shit One“ was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated short in the 9th Annual VES Awards.

3D Stereoscopic

Our Stereographer and CG supervisors are experienced in planning, directing, producing and editing 3D stereoscopic projects. With our expert crew, we deliver incredibly detailed S3D images and composited live-action scenes at reasonable prices.